New date! 2017 October 26-27

What happened?

To organize an event in Hungary with such scale, you need a valid legal entity behind you, one that handles invoices, signs contracts, deals with tax and all that is related.

For two years, for this role, we had great partner companies, who helped us start and make JSConf Budapest possible. But after each year, for several reasons, they could not continue to help us further. We thank RisingStack and EUEdge for their tremendous help in this adventure.

This year we’ve decided to grow up, and take these matters in our hand. From the end of May 2017, there is a company created, with the sole purpose to run JSConf and CSSConf Budapest! This way the future of these events are secured, we can focus on organizing them.

Sadly, going through all this legally and financially, takes time - so to make sure we’ve enough time for doing 2017, we have to move the date by a month, to the end of October. We hope this decision will be the best for everyone, and we’re sorry if affects anyone negatively.

What changes for 2017?

This year with the new company, we basically starting over, so we’ll return to our first venue, the theater Urania, that hosted us in 2015!

Because of the shortage of time, some great things we originally planned are simply cannot be done this year, so 2017 will be a slightly smaller edition of JSConf Budapest, compared to last year.

What happens with all the CFP’s?

We’ll do the CFP process the way we’ve always done it, and will notify the selected speakers, emphasize the new date, if it’s good for anyone.

When will the ticket sale start?

As soon as we’re registered with the local tax system and company registry, we’re going to be able to do business, so - according to plans - the ticket sale starts in early June.